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January 31, 2013, 10:20 am
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Car dealers that practice sustainability have as little as possible negative effect on the environment. Green car dealers use policies that have a positive effect in the community, society and economy around them. Dealers who want sustainability will often practice progressive policies that are meant to reduce, recycle and reuse in the workplace, while cutting costs and increasing environmental safety.

Car dealers make decisions every day, from products to promote and materials to use in servicing their customers. They also make chain effects, where a company can affect others in the community or change how other companies operate in the same industry. For example, many dealers use online statements in place of paper statements that create unnecessary paper waste.

A green dealer may also practice a greener policy than competitors. Car dealers can often decrease their impact on the environment by eliminating the use of harmful chemicals, materials and waste created by operations or services rendered. A dealer may also make going green a primary goal and use environmental policies in its  operations.

Green dealers experience savings and even a greater client base as they reach others in their community interested/involved in the green movement. Businesses can greatly affect the planet simply by enacting policies that change how they treat their wastes and developing conservation methods that have a positive effect on the community.

When talking about “going green” car dealers usually ask two questions:

  1. Why would we want to go green?
  2. How would you go about going green?

When listing the reasons a dealer would want to go green we always want to consider the Return on Investment (ROI) which are the result of:

  • The money saved in day-to-day operations
  • The impact of making your store a better place to work
  • The value of aligning your store with customer’s beliefs and values
  • The need to differentiate your dealership
  • And most importantly; Just doing what’s right for the environment

The ROI for some of these items is very measurable and for others is somewhat intangible. Just as with advertising or customer satisfaction you can’t always be sure which action you took had the most effect.

To answer the question of how do you go about going green four items become the highest priority:

  • First of all, keep in mind that going green is not a narrow focus that only includes a couple of items such as changing out some lighting to more efficient bulbs. Rather it is a comprehensive view of the entire operation.
  • This must be a top down approach that has support from every level of dealership management.
  • It does require an initial and continued evaluation of where you are and where the opportunities exist.
  • Communications are required so that the customers, employees, and the community know what you are doing and the impact it will have on them.

These are necessary key components when a dealership goes green.

Green Dealer Support is dedicated to working with car dealerships with the goal of helping them become greener. For further information, look further at our website at

You can also click this link to request further information:   become-green


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